Guide To Adjustable Feet & Measurements

Adjustable feet are used to raise objects, often furniture or machinery, which can be beneficial for a variety of reasons. One of the best uses for adjustable feet is customising the height and angle of a warehouse conveyor belt. However, there are many ways to use this device. Here are some examples of how you can use adjustable feet:

How To Use Adjustable Feet

Raising Machinery Or Furniture

If you want to lift a piece of furniture, furniture feet are ideal to adjust its height. Place the adjustable feet underneath what you want to lift, whether it’s a sofa or chair, and this will raise it off the ground. You can change the height the device is set at by screwing and unscrewing the adjustable feet’s thread until it’s at your required measurement.

You can use adjustable feet to raise machinery in a warehouse as well. Machine feet allow you to change the angle of conveyor belts and raise them off the ground, which makes loading and operating them more convenient. High-quality machine feet are stable even at maximum length so your machinery won’t wobble and become a safety hazard.

Levelling An Object

Any area with an uneven floor can lead to furniture and machinery wobbling as it’s unlevel. Adjustable feet offer a simple solution as they can support an object so its level with the rest of the floor’s surface. For example, if you have a sofa that’s on an uneven floor, it will wobble and you won’t be able to sit on it comfortably or safely. Supporting the sofa with adjustable feet ensures it’s steady and level with the ground to avoid these issues.

In an industrial setting, an uneven floor can lead to health and safety hazards as well as damaged products. When a conveyor belt isn’t leveled correctly it cannot transport items effectively because it will wobble which causes products to fall onto the floor. Using adjustable feet underneath the belt fixes this issue.

Adjustable feet

Reduce Vibration & Noise

Working in a warehouse can be noisy when machines are vibrating. This can cause a massive distraction to all members of staff. The solution is simple, create separation between any machines and the floor to avoid them vibrating against the floor’s surface. Doing this reduces noise and can prevent machines from overheating as they’re not compact to the floor.

With machine feet, you can do this quickly and easily. As adjustable feet have a range of customisable heights, machines don’t have to be lifted high off the ground, slightly raising them reduces noise while ensuring they don’t become a safety risk. 

If you think you can benefit from installing adjustable feet, you must understand the device’s measurements.

Adjustable Feet Measurements

Measurements are essential for the performance of adjustable feet and its weight capacity. When considering which adjustable feet are right for your circumstances there are 3 measurements to think about:

  • Base Diameter – The larger the base, the more stability the device delivers.
  • Thread Length – The thread is the distance between the stud and bolt. A longer thread allows the adjustable feet to lift any objects higher off the ground.
  • Thread Size – The thread needs to match the base it’s screwed into and if the thread is larger it can support more weight.

To find the right adjustable feet for your requirements, get in touch with CAS Rollers. Call us on 01604 592960 or read more about our adjustable feet today.

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