Conveyor Belt Rollers


Gravity rollers are used on non-powered conveyors that only uses gravity to move items on a downward path and because of this, they tend to be a popular choice. They are used primarily for goods which have a sufficient weight to move themselves unassisted. This includes a range of foods and packaged goods.

Manufactured to the highest possible standards, our gravity rollers are the best you can get, and built to last. At Conveyor Accessories Supplies we can make that guarantee.

Plastic rollers have a whole host of benefits which make them a really convenient solution. They’re easy to clean and offer a low cost alternative to stainless steel rollers.

However, plastic rollers aren’t as strong as metal and therefore designed to carry lighter loads. This means that they’re perfect for transporting food stuffs like vegetables and lighter packaged goods.


When items are moved on conveyors, they can deposit all kinds of debris which can cause issues with the conveyor itself. The easiest way to prevent this is to invest in lagged rollers which are low friction. Rollers often come covered with rubber only a few millimetres thick but can be lagged in lots of different materials. 

That’s all that’s needed to reduce friction on the rollers and prevent any build-up of small particles.

We build conveyor rollers to only the highest standards, using high quality raw materials and components so you can rest assured that you’re investing in something that’s going to be reliable.

Whether you have a simple conveyor which only requires a few rollers, or a much more complex system which requires a thousand, we’ll be able to help. We manufacture our conveyor rollers based on your business requirements, giving you ultimate flexibility. 

Quality is obviously of the utmost importance, you want to make sure that such an integral part of your business works well again and again. 

If you need a standard specification, or a bespoke set of feet to replace existing ones, we can design and build whatever you need. We manufacture both stainless steel and BZP feet with bases made from either Polypropylene or stainless steel.

To assist with fitting all of our feet include a free running locknut in order to secure the correct height and ensure that the feet do not work loose during operation.