What are Gravity Rollers?

What Are Gravity Rollers?

A gravity conveyor roller is an unpowered roller that transports your products by using the momentum of gravity, the rollers do not need any power to move your materials. The gravity rollers are fitted into a frame, which is inclined slightly. This allows the freely running rollers to transport your products using only gravity.

Now you know what a gravity roller is, what are there benefits? Like all conveyor rollers, gravity rollers have unique uses and can fit perfectly in a range of industries. Gravity rollers are popular in many different industries particularly where boxed products are being moved such as food, beverage & logistics as well as many others. Anywhere that your day to day operations feature a lot of light to medium loading.

Let’s explore some of the biggest benefits of conveyor gravity rollers.

Why Choose Gravity Conveyor Rollers?

There is a wide range of uses for gravity rollers, you can also adapt and modify them to better suit your purposes. From transporting large and small boxes to pallets or crates and tote boxes. There is a range of uses for gravity roller conveyors. Below are some examples of the many industries they’re used in:

·   Food & Drink Handling

·   Packaging

·   Logistics

·   Postage and Couriers

·   Manufacturing

One of the biggest benefits of a gravity conveyor is they can transport loads without using any electricity or power. All you need is the right angle of incline or someone to push the materials intermittently down the belt. They’re a low cost and efficient way to quickly transport your products through your workplace.

There are a variety of gravity conveyors that have differing capacities for the weight they’re able to transport. At CAS Rollers, we offer a wide range of gravity rollers in different materials and conveyor accessories guaranteed to match your industry’s requirements. Across industries, your conveyor rollers will need to be constructed from a material that matches what you need.

For easy cleaning, stainless steel is the ideal solution, this is why stainless-steel gravity rollers are popular within the food and drink industry. But at CAS Rollers, we also offer food-quality blue PVC plastic conveyor rollers. Whatever material suits your business, our team can help source a high-quality option for you.

Gravity rollers

Bespoke Gravity Rollers

At CAS Rollers, we understand that every business and industry is different. That’s why we manufacture all our gravity rollers to your exact specifications. Because of this attention to detail, our gravity conveyor rollers provide a consistent and efficient service for businesses across the country. This is what makes us stand out from other conveyor roller suppliers.

An example of how we can adapt our gravity rollers is through machine-grooved polypropylene sections. By inserting this specialist material into stainless-steel rollers, it lets you install slave and drive bands for exceptional driven roller applications. This allows you to transport your materials quickly and smoothly through your workplace.

If your business needs to move higher weight products, your conveyor rollers will need to hold this weight. As a solution to this, our team can install precision bearings into the conveyor rollers. This ensures your gravity conveyor rollers have the capability to carry heavier loads.

If your industry needs high-quality gravity rollers, get in touch with our team today:

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